How long will it take to get my order?

It takes two working days from the day payment is made to get your orders because all our meat are freshly prepared.

Can i pay after delivery?
No, payment validates your order.

Delivery fee.
Delivery fee varies with Location.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes you can. Each customer is provided with a unique tracking number after payment has been made.

Are all your meat product Halal?

Yes, all our meat product are 100% Halal.

Can I customise my meat to my taste? What if I do not want any spice added?

Yes, you can customize your own meat to your taste, you get to pick the kind of spice and texture of meat you want.

Can I eat my meat without further cooking?

Yes, all our meat product are fully cooked which means it can be eaten without further cooking.

InĀ  case I am not satisfied with my orders, is there is refund?

No, there isn’t a refund, however, we send a replacement to you at no cost if fault was ours.

How long can the meat stay without refrigeration?

All our meat product are vacuum sealed in bags which increases the product Shelf life
It is advisable to consume our products within a month of freezing

How can I be sure of quality?
We run a transparent farm company with a history of raising healthy animals. All animals are slaughtered as humane as possible and prepared in an hygienic environment. We produce only quality animals and quality meat product. More infornation on the home page.